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6 Strategies For Creating An Inquiry-Driven Classroom

6 Strategies For Creating An Inquiry-Driven Classroom

by Irena Nayfeld, TeachThought PD Inquiry Workshop Facilitator

Teachers of young children juggle a lot.

There is literacy, math, science, social and emotional development, learning standards, the needs of each child, materials to make activities engaging, safe, and educational…the […]

10 Skills Modern Teachers Need

A Modern Teacher’s Challenge
Teachers need to face the unique difficulties of today’s classroom head on as well as look forward to new trends that are coming down the pipeline. In addition to standardized testing and growing class sizes, there […]

Study Tips Backed By Science

When we think of “studying,” we probably have similar images in mind: long, endless hours sitting in the same spot, pouring over the same material, trying almost desperately to commit it to memory. These tedious study methods are often […]

Why Schools Should Adopt Technology Solutions

In usage of technology, conventional schools are far behind in keeping up with Technology in school management. The Major hurdle is that schools are not very open just like the other businesses to implement the best Technology for thier […]

Teachers Create what they Experience

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6 Tips For Keeping Your Students Engaged in Class



The Image of the bored, half-asleep, daydreaming teen sitting in a high school classroom is all too familiar for teachers. Most teenagers seem to treat school days like a prison sentence. A recent poll found that the top two words teenagers […]

Enhance Parents + School relation with feKara School Management

Many parents do struggle a lot to keep their head up with different academic issues related to their child, but feKara can make the bond between parent and school management strong. Due to fast hustle bustle of life parent […]

Using feKara for the first time and adding your first student

The legacy of Education: Will it continue in Pakistan?

The researchers earlier took learning as a systematic process, being taught at specific places. Learning was just memorization. Fear of harsh punishment was the only inspiration behind the course of learning as we find on an ancient Egyptian clay […]