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Fekara is management software for educational institutions for learning, administration and management activities. It manages all elements of school management system including students, courses, exams and teachers, employees. Fekara has ability to manage all forms of educational institutes efficiently including

Schools/ Kindergartens

Colleges/ Universities

Tuition Centers/ Training Centers

feKara is a Web Application : A free cloud software which is always online, which means you can access it on your phone, laptop or computer from anywhere. There is no additional setup required and required on school premises, no worries to backup your data and no worries of securing it. All you need to do is to sign up for a free account and start using it.

feKara is Developed for End-users : if you have basic knowledge of computers and you know how to send email, it will take 15 mintues to get familer with fekara features.

feKara is Free School Software for All : Fekara’s pro version is Totally Free for non profits,  basic version is free for all educational institutes; as our commitment towards an educated Pakistan

Ridiculously Easy to Learn

feKara is developed for end-users. If you know how to send email, it will take 15 minutes to get familier with feKara.
It doesn’t get easier than that.

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We have engineered feKara to be highly customizable to cater the specific needs of your institute.

Mobile and tablet versions

Use fekara on your mobile phone or tab. We have an android app for Institutional Heads that are often on the move.

Hosted on Cloud Servers

Want to start using feKara, all you need is a computer (or handheld device) and an internet connection. There is no need for any extra setup.

Secure and reliable

You can trust Fekara to store your data. It is built on security guidelines for modern web applications. We make daily backups of your data and you have also options to take your own backups.

Unmatched Support

No matter which version of Fekara you are using, our team is available to help you with any issues or queries.

Wide range of features

Fekara has more features than any other online school management software in market and is practically and widely used. And it is still enhancing. You Fekara will be auto updated as new features are added.

Flexible Pricing

Fekara is available as Free School Software and we also have paid plans for institutions of different sizes. You can start with free plans and can upgrade to paid when required.

Multiple Language Support

Fekara is available with RTL support, which means it fully supports URDU.