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Free School Software to manage your school as you want, starting from admissions to attendance and exams to result cards.

Easily Setup your Online School Management Software

Online School Management System simplify and automate daily tasks & operations easily. If you are looking for an out of the box online school software, then feKara is your choice.

The Best School Management Software for Educational Institutes

Cover learning, administration and management activities, it manage all the element of the schools including students, courses, exams, teachers, and employees. FeKara school data manager has an ability to incorporate custom fields for student data, and can support any data formats that your institute uses. FeKara school / college software has an ability to manage all forms of educational institutes efficiently including.

FeKara is a Web Based Application: A free school software which is always online, that means you can access it on your phone, laptop or computer from anywhere. There is no additional setup required on school premises, no need to take care of your backup as well as data securing. All you need to do is to sign up for a free account and start using it.

The Free School Software = feKara:  FeKara offers a free online school management system for small schools. Through our work, at creativeON (the organization behind feKara), we seek to make a meaningful difference in the world by helping institutes to educate children better. We are not only offering free school management software but also all the support needed to shift from register & excel based paradigm to a cloud-based system.

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by small to medium size schools / colleges in over 40 countries

All in One Web Based School Administration Software

School Administration Software offers one common school database systems and configurable user profiles for everyone in your school. It’s allowing administration, teachers, students and parents to share the information with each other.


We have engineered feKara school software to be highly customization to cater the specific needs of your institute.

Mobile and tablet versions

Use feKara management software for schools on your mobile phone or tab. We have designed phone version for Institutional Heads on the move.

Hosted on Cloud Servers

feKara the best data management systems for schools, all you need is a computer (or handheld device) and an internet connection. There is no need for any extra setup, cloud based means that you can put as much schools data as you want.

Secure and Reliable

You can trust on feKara, to store your school database systems. It is built on security guidelines for modern web applications. We make daily backups of your school data and you have also options to take your own backups.

Unmatched Support

No school can start using management software without a professional support. Our support gets you started by helping you import existing students & other records. Our multi-channel support includes email, ticketing system, WhatsApp and Phone.

Wide Range of Features

FeKara offer wide range of features than any other private school management system software in the market. It’s practical and widely used and still enhancing. You will be auto-updated as new features are added.

Flexible Pricing

FeKara is available as Free School Software and we also have flexible pricing plans for institutions of different sizes. You can start with free plan and can upgrade to paid when required.

Multiple Language Support

FeKara is a multi-lingual school software, it’s easily translatable into your own language. We have made even a web interface that allows you to easily translate or rephrase or change any label/text to suit your school, college needs.

Ridiculously Easy to Learn

feKara is developed for end-users. If you know how to send email, it will take 15 minutes to get familiar with feKara.It doesn’t get easier than that. We are not offering a stripped-down version of the paid product, but a fully loaded online school management system along with multichannel support. And this is where our free school software program differs from others in the market.

Basic Academic

Preschool management software keep your School, Kindergartens, Management System sleekly running with feKara. Useful with modern era features like “online student registration system” to traditional admission system, attendance, exams, and in detail management reports.

Flexible Pricing

FeKara school management system software equally beneficial for small and medium-sized schools alike. Having feKara school software, helps to keep your school well organized. Your day to day tasks and reports are automated saving your administrative resources. School Administration System has never been easy and clutters free before.

Basic Academic

Generate extremely detailed student reports for students and grade books. Financial reports, profit-loss, salary payments, and a bunch of other school management reports. Most of the reports can be scheduled for delivery through email and SMS (summary versions). Our multi-channel reporting meets the requirement of a modern cloud based school ERP software.

Fees & Finances

FeKara offers a flexible interface to incorporate any fee structure. Even instant and recurring discounts & fee groups can be implemented, along with late fee and other fines. Finance is a complete different trait than school management, and for that reason, we have carefully implemented accounts in most simple forms. For professional accounting needs, data can be exported to be incorporated into your dedicated accounting software.


Communication being the core of any management system for the school is very well handled in feKara. Whether your organization is a school, a college a coaching center, or a kindergarden, one thing stays of utmost importance. i.e. The need for effective communication with the parents. feKara has multiple ways to communicate with parents and students while keeping the management in the loop.

Student and Parent Portals

Today students and their parents are on the go. feKara school / college management software comes with intuitive parent portal. Where they can see they can monitor the study of all their children and communicate with their teachers and school / college management system alike. On the other hand provide your student with a single access point for all the course material, assignments, grade books, and their overall progress chart.

A Complete School ERP Software

fekara is ERP software for schools, and it includes all the features of an ERP software tailored for school needs. Integration, Automation, Reporting, Customer Relationship Management (Student, guardian relationship management in case of education institutes), Accounting & Tracking, and Visibility. Everything is packaged in a single our School/College ERP solution; you have to tick to enable a module. When you setup feKara for college, it will change all the workflows accordingly.

Over 3,000 schools of all sizes from 82 countries trust us.

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