Role of Teachers in The Life of a Student

No one would deny that teachers play a very vital and crucial role in the Development of a student’s life. Life of the student is affected by teachers very much because teachers are role models for the students in almost all aspects of life. Teachers are the important persons of the community who bring out the best from the life of the students and encourage them to strive for greatness.

Students need teachers almost every step of their lives. Characters are built in the institutions by the help of the teachers. There are a lot of things which are done by the teachers for the students to impact their lives. Given below are some of the things which teachers should do for the students.

1. Every student wants to be treated as equally as other students or treated. So the teacher must be impartial and he or she should treat all the students on equality basis. In this way, the students won’t lose their dignity and feel the sense of security.

2. A teacher should be able to make an assessment regarding the capacity of the students from different angles. e.g skills of the student, time taking by the students for processing the information, level of memory and if a student is unable to understand then what are the reasons.
So overall the teacher should have the guts to know more about the capacity of every student.

3. A teacher should be a Solution Provider. He or she should have the thinking of a solution provider so he or she may provide different solutions for different problems of the students. The reason is this when a teacher solves problems of the students that create a real and strong bonding between teacher and students.

4. A teacher must be patient enough to listen to the different questions of students again and again. Because different students have a different type of learning skills and different level of memory and capacity. Some students ask fewer questions but some ask a lot of questions and sometimes the questions don’t make any sense. But teachers should have the ability to handle questions with patience and should have the answers to those questions.

Every Teacher must have some of the above-mentioned skills in order to play a vital role in the life of the students.