Change Log

Version: 1.6.4(1-Jan-2017)

  • AddCreate guardian panel


Version: 1.6.3(24-Dec-2016)

  • AddCreate course material files and assign to teacher


Version: 1.6.2(17-Dec-2016)

  • FixedJquery Bug fixes in teacher panel


Version: 1.6.1(10-Dec-2016)

  • AddFiles assign to teacher in (pdf,xlx,cvs,images) formate.


Version: 1.6.0(25-Nov-2016)

  • AddCreate teacher module panel because in admin section we can assign Class,Course,Subject and also editable


Version: 1.3.3(18-Mar-2015)

  • FixedToo many minor bugs fixed


Version: 1.3.2(20-Nov-2014)

  • FixedLong student auto search list problem fixed


Version: 1.3.0(19-Nov-2014)

  • FixedCron job is automated now Student category added WebCam snapshot module for student profile photo FancyBox added Transaction and expense confusing bug fixed Head wise expense report Attendance sheet added


Version: 1.2.1

  • FixedUpload logo size restriction removed Accounts head added minor bugs fixed rearrange reporting menu version logs in a modal


Version: 1.2.0

  • AddMenu orders changed and set as user friendly Update codes enhanced Settings page improvements Admission page improvements Now student photo can be upload Top navigation photo is appeared now Students list view updated Management notes for students added Updated Dashboard


Version: 1.1.10

  • AddSending SMS codes and getting balance codes enhanced Attendance menu separated and improved Menu orders changed


Version: 1.1.9

  • FixedConfusion removed on attendance page. Sending SMS to every student bug fixed. Attendance saving error fixed Attendance display changed


Version: 1.1.8

  • FixedUpdate script bug fixed


Version: 1.1.7

  • FixedMinor bugs fixes Fee generation bug fixes


Version: 1.1.6

  • FixedMinor bugs fixes API improved


Version: 1.1.5

  • FixedAuto updater added API functions added Minor bugs fixed in sidebar menu Important system checks implemented