What Is A Student Management System?

A student management system is effectively a school software that maintains and records the students information and allows for all the day to day operations of the school. Student management software has different functionalities and there is no set standard in this area.
Student information systems usually include but are not limited to the following features:

1. Handling any and all queries of students

Student information software offers the feature of storing queries of students in a database and then checking for solutions. They also update the query status

2. Generating fee vouchers

Fee vouchers are automatically generated at the beginning of each month which is then either printed or sent to the parents on their e-mail address.

3. Maintaining and updating academic records

Academic records such as grades, assessments, extra-curricular activities are maintained and updated as per the requirement of the school

4. Alumni database management

The data of the graduate students is stored and updated as per the requirement. This alumni database is sometimes included as an extra feature rather than an essential feature on most free school management systems.

5. Maintaining records of absences and attendance

Attendance records of the students are updated and maintained throughout the academic year for each student and teacher as well.

6. Enrolling new students and assigning classes

Whenever a student successfully completes and passes the admissions process, the software will add their name to the list of students and then assign the appropriate classes.

7. Handling all admissions processes

Admissions processes are handled through this online school software by controlling all the processes involved in the admissions phase through online methods.

8. Generating fee reminder SMS

Whenever the fee voucher is generated, parents also receive a special SMS that reminds them to pay the fee on time otherwise a penalty may be charged. However, in some free school software, this feature is not available.

9. Sending notices to parents using SMS or e-mail

School administration can choose to digitally send notices or circulars to parents and students via e-mail or SMS. This is subject to how well the school has maintained and updated parents’ records. This saves the school a lot of money on printing expenses.

10. Storing and maintaining all student violations

This is perhaps the least important feature of the student management system as it allows administrators to keep track of the ethical record of the student. This helps in future references when the higher authorities may need to write letters of recommendation.

Wrap up

Student information systems are a somewhat essential feature for this day and age. They are somewhat costly to manage and procure, but the benefits which they provide are too great to be ignored.