School Software Academic Module

Basic daily routine works are the core part of every school Structure and need of every school staff, so the staff may perform the essential daily routines efficiently.

Basic Academic Module of feKara School Management System offers its user options that can be used to manage the basic daily works of the school management. This module includes many functionalities which makes the daily routine work life of the school staff much easier, efficient and foolproof.
In academic modules, users can perform multiple daily tasks like the creation of Sessions and Batches, Admission & Enrolments, Time Table, Daily Class attendance, Attendance reports and Mangement of Student Profiles.

Enrolment of new students is a normal daily task for which without any computerized system it’s hard to maintain the records but with the help of Fekara School Mangement users, a provided with a very easy procedure to enroll the student within a few seconds.
Same as enrolments the Attendance is an essential part of every teacher’s life at the start of each academic day. Fekara Provides teachers or administration a very easy way to mark the daily attendance using either laptop, Tablet or even on phone.

Fekara School Software Modules