School Software Financial Module

Incoming and outgoing funds will remain a crucial issue for every educational institute.

Fekara School Management Software has given special attention to this sector also so the management of the student’s fee, expenses and salaries could be managed more easily.

Fekara offers automatic monthly fee Generate. You simply set the setting for the monthly invoices and the system would start generating the monthly invoices without any human interaction.
Using feKara user can see the list of the already generated invoice and can pay as the payment is received. The system would also segregate the list of defaulters list so the relevant staff could check the defaulters and take the necessary action. Fee invoices could be printed, edited or made paid using the system.
Moreover, the accounts section give you the privilege to manage the salaries of the staff easily. Daily expense option would allow relevant staff to keep the track of daily school expenses.
Multiple types of reports could be generated for accounts management by the admins, One can generate reports like; Payment Report, Student Payment Report, Transactions, Cash Report and Expense Report. So overall the financial module would be very helpful for both staffs and for the administration to manage finances.

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