Other than the basic core management routines there are many other management tasks which help the upper management staff to control all the system.

Fekara school management online application help the top level management to handle the management routines with a single dashboard.

Using the feKara (School Management System), admins can allocate different rights to the different staff people. Every staff member could be given different rights to manage the school affairs according to his/her roles and duties in the school.

Using management module admin can add teachers or other employees into the system. Teachers could be allocated their personal accounts.

Admins or any staff with the rights may import or export data of all the students. Means If you have the list of students maintained in Excel or CSV files you can import the data into the system with few clicks. Import features help you to reduce the hectic procedure of entering the bulk students into the system.

School Software Management Module

Using the export features one with sufficient right can export all the student’s list or their data into the Excel or CSV files which could be used to maintain all the data into a hard form.

Management modules of feKara help you to use the application in any language. Using the translation features entires application could be converted into any language.

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