Enhance Parents + School relation with feKara School Management

Many parents do struggle a lot to keep their head up with different academic issues related to their child, but feKara can make the bond between parent and school management strong. Due to fast hustle bustle of life parent get less time to keep the track of their children records of exams, marks, attendance etc. So this becomes the need of the day that school might facilitate their clients which are parents.
Facilitating the parents means more and more satisfied clients. Usage of School management system like feKara make the parents more responsive and work effective and efficient manner with the school.

Working Parents and Economic Conditions

In these days there are more and more families where both parents are working is becoming normal practice due to economic needs that is the reason – the school and parents would understand the need of a system which could support their needs in order to have a better collaboration.
FeKara is such a system which timely informs the parents about their children performances, fee invoices, marks sheets, weekly reports etc using SMS and emails.

School Management System like feKara made possible for the parents to have reports of their children on mobiles via SMS or they could easily login into the parent portal to know each and everything about their child/children simply on their phones.

Problems with the conventional Paper notices

Normally school usage paper notifications and in this case problem start raising because parent receive too many of the paper notifications and there is big chance that these paper notification could be trashed out even without looking into it. Even when a child brings this type of notifications there is a big chance that he or she could mix it up with the other belongings or might give it to the parent. In this type of situation once can feel the need of a school management system which could inform the parent timely and effectively without the chance of missing anything.

What Do Parents Need ?

Parent intends to have efficient communication with School without the chance of missing anything and want the communication which could grab their attention and shouldn’t be, long. It is preferable if they get it on their mobile phones and this is the point where School Management Systems like feKara comes in and serve the needs of both school and parents.