12 Things That Are Obsolete in 21st Century Schools

Change is no more a spice of life rather an imminent flavor whether you like it or not. Time is gone when the change was subjected to denial. Yet the level of acceptance still differs. Many of us accept it quickly while others take time to do so. However, the importance of transformation is accepted throughout.

In this era, the whole world, its subjects, and patterns have been changed with time. Anyhow, we are still stuck to some of the norms and customs that no longer serve us. These are either not workable or not able to justify their existence anymore. The question is why are not discarding them? The answer is that we are not considering them actually. There is no need to turn around too much to see where the point of the problem is? Start it from schooling system and I am here to give you a long list.

1: Conventional Libraries

Libraries with traditional rules of silence, no disturbance and no discussion are purely obsolete these days. In this era of Digital libraries, we need to change patterns for our school libraries as well. The students should be allowed to have group discussions. There should be teacher-student discussions over books and about books. It is the time to remove the silence barrier in our libraries to enhance productivity.

2: Computers Systems Merely in Labs

It is quite absurd to spare large rooms for keeping computer systems where students will merely have a class either once or twice. Education in this century requires classrooms that are fully equipped with technology and systems. There is no need for separate computer labs but every student should have a system to use in classroom studies.

3: No Internet Connectivity

Schools with no Wi-Fi for staff and students are no more valuable in this era. These are just limiting the access and feasibility of both, the students and the teachers. This is an era of 3G and 4G. By depriving school entities with this basic tool of information, we are just making the environment less productive

4: Closed Study in Closed Walls

By pointing out closed walls I never meant the closed structure of classrooms. This actually means the horizon which is being closed by our norms. We have restricted classrooms to a knowledge pool within the four balls. This four-walled concept is no more valid. Technological attachment, interactive sessions and linking the class to the world’s knowledge is imminent.

5: Traditional Teachers

Teachers with traditional teaching styles are purely obsolete in this era. Students don’t require only the bookish knowledge rather professional guidelines as well. This is a time of learning through “Case Studies”. This can be provided by the teachers when they share what they do and what they think. There has to be social media engagement and interactive sessions of teachers with their students. This will give them a real-life education.

6: Unhygienic Cafeteria

Health and hygiene are the two most important and largely interlinked issues of the modern world. The world is suffering from diseases due to poor hygiene. A large factor behind child diseases and infections are an unhygienic cafeteria of schools. Cafeterias should provide hygienic, fresh and healthy food. It hygiene can’t be maintained by school administration then they should outsource it.

7: Weekly Sports Periods

Weekly sports classes and sports are outdated now. This is because fitness and energy is a daily requirement, not a weekly one. There has to be an everyday segment of sports and games. This is mandatory to keep the mind and body fresh for the burdens of the day to come.

8: Standardized Tests for all Students

Traditional examination and testing systems are no more fruitful these days. There is no one method to test and judge every student’s skills. Written exams, in particular, have become invalid now. This is not a good way to judge a student’s knowledge but it is a test of their memory only. Intelligence and knowledge are far beyond this testing system. Real life projects should be the replacement to judge skills.

9: Typical Professional Workshops

We all need to understand that whether it is about staff or the students, everyone has a different level of skills and abilities. If there is one workshop for all, this means that you are compelling everyone to learn one thing with particular perfection which is not possible. There should be personal training through articles, blogs, online lectures and media sharing.  

10: Banned Cell Phones

Cell phones and tablets are prohibited in schools. This is an outmoded idea. Connectivity is the most imminent need of this era. Cell phones, in particular, are there for connectivity and communication. It is impossible to survive without communicating with your peers and family. Moreover, regarding security concerns, cell phones are mandatory for everyone.

11: Result and Attendance Circulars

The time of result and attendance circular to parents is long gone. We need to move out from them. There has to be a complete connectivity of parents and the school administration via social websites like Facebook. An official age and some discussion groups can serve the purpose.

12: Parents’ Teacher Meeting for Student’s Performance

Meetings held monthly or so by the school to have a parent-teacher meeting is gone idea. There is no need and time to accommodate such meetings. Papers, tests, and class assignment have no more remain paperwork these days. There could be E-meetings and new media interaction between both. Student’s performance can aptly be shared using technology saving time and space of all.


Keeping pace with the changing world is the need of hour. We can’t stick to our norms that no longer serve us. Keeping school unmodified will result in long-term issues and problems. Education is the pillar to make any nation stand in front of the world. Ignoring modern day’s need result merely into backwardness, nothing more.