11 Reasons Why Students Need Technology in Classrooms

In this era of 21st-century schools, the involvement of information and technology in every aspect of life is no longer a strange thing. We all are well aware of the immense importance of technology which is shaping up our lifestyle, personals, social patterns and lot more. It is noteworthy that technology has earned its value by every means. Yet there are “rooms of our life” which are not still offering full room to it.One prominent example of this trend is our education culture. Despite having huge progress and great advancements in education, there still are norms that are a source of a hindrance in classroom and technology’s linking. It is need of hour to get rid of those obsolete norms and link our classrooms with the latest IT facilities. If you are still wondering why? Here is the list of few reasons that are worthy enough for considering it seriously:

1: Deep Sea of Knowledge

Linking technology with classroom is like allowing the students to dive into a deep sea of knowledge. We all know that no curriculum or syllabus book can be compared to the knowledge available on the internet on that particular subject.

2: Access to up-to-date Information

Having access to e-technology helps us to access the most recent and up-to-date information available. There is also an option to double check the information spontaneously.

3: Guide to Teachers

Technological attachment of classrooms helps teachers to get guidelines, view online lesson plans, take notes from online courses and share their material with students at the same time.

4: Career Guideline for Students

New media provides students with an opportunity to get a look over the world’s demand and anticipate future prospects. There are links and coaching available for crier selection. This can help students to develop study patterns, select subjects wisely and join requisite institutes.

5: Latest Techniques for Students Engagement

there are numerous tact’s and methods of learning available on the internet that engage students very easily like pictorial displays, roadmaps to work, etc these things keep students indulge in their studies for a long time with a greater interest.

6: An Exposure to World of Digital Books

This century demands access to each and everything thing in a way that it all comes in handy. Providing your classroom with tablets and smart devices it the quickest way to access information. You link students with technological devices and they have their access to thousands of digital books. No need to find your card and go to the library. It’s all just here in your hand.

7: Active Learning Process

New techniques are available in this technological era that offers active learning process. In these techniques student is no more a passive subject but an active learner. These processes should always be a part of a class.

8: Education as Fun

Technology enables us to give students education in a casual manner that they take up as fun like movies, videos, and puzzles. This helps them to study with the least stress and burden. This fun level learning is also good for memorizing things for a long term.

9: Interactive Learning Sessions

By the virtue of latest equipment, students are given an opportunity of interactive learning. There are groups on social sites for this purpose. They share, see and learn from their teachers and fellows. This brings innovation in their ideas.

10: A new Horizon of Competitiveness

Closed classrooms actually limit the horizons of knowledge. Contrary to it, the latest technology equipped classroom give a bigger picture to see. Students are able to see other people advancing in the same subjects. Their sense of competition doesn’t remain to a mere class. Yet they challenge themselves in competition to the whole world.

11: Market-Oriented Education

As mentioned earlier, students are allowed to see the world’s progress. This lets them look over the professional perspective of theoretical knowledge. They start focusing on the market-oriented education of the field they want to join. This gives their education, a perfect blend of theory and field practice.


Student’s horizon and teacher’s knowledge can go beyond traditional limits by connecting technology with classrooms. This is an essential step for an advanced education system. Technology these days is considered by children as a mode of fun and entertainment. Linking technology to classrooms will help them realize as a part of devices. The smartphones, tablets, and gadgets they are using for play at home will be used as tools for learning.