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My name is Abid Masih. I am an Experienced SEO. I am very ambitious and wish to pursue my career through learning and hard work.

What Is A Student Management System?

A student management system is effectively a school software that maintains and records the students information and allows for all the day to day operations of the school. Student management software has different functionalities and [...]

Role of Teachers in The Life of a Student

No one would deny that teachers play a very vital and crucial role in the Development of a student's life. Life of the student is affected by teachers very much because teachers are role models [...]

fekara Multilingual Pack Released with 12 languages

feKara is used across all continents in over 80 countries and has thousands of users. Fekara version 2.8 has a complete overhaul of language features. feKara school software fully supports all operations in multi-lingual environments. [...]

5 Methods To Help Struggling Students

Main points Different types of methods are used by the teacher to meet the needs of all the students, also including the struggling ones. Some of the teachers use the method of slowing down or [...]

Advantages of Using Online School Management System

Nowadays running School has become a complex bundle of different essential task on daily basis. In other words, running a school has become a difficult task due to a variety of task involved in School Systems. [...]

The legacy of Education: Will it continue in Pakistan?

The Legacy of Education, researchers earlier took learning as a systematic process, being taught at specific places. Learning was just memorization. Fear of harsh punishment was the only inspiration behind the course of learning as [...]